Wednesday, March 15, 2006

26 going on 30

Before going to the point, here's a little thing, in case you didn't notice:
Every title in this blog is a reference to a movie, book, comic, etc. A point to who finds it for every post. When this blog will have brought me money and fame, whoever has the most point will win something. Promise! And don't forget to go back to past posts, there's plenty of points to take there too. Haha, that'll make you comment, you little sneacky bastards!

Now, here's today's news: Update!

After thinking about it a little more, the magnificent 26 are now the magnificent 30!
Sooooooo, the list has been updated with 4 more titles, and the stats too! Here they are. If you're crazy enough to compare them with the ones previously posted, you might guess the name of a few new titles. But honestly, if that's all you have to do... Go watch a movie instead! And come back very soon for the number 30. Like, in 5 minutes :)

Now, out of the 30, there are 27 live action vs 3 animation, 24 american vs 6 foreign (but 3 americans have foreign-born directors), 3 Spielbergs, 2 Coppolas, 2 Finchers, 2 Camerons, 2 Kubricks, 2 Scotts (all Ridley, no Tony).
5 of those movies have more than 4 words in their title (not including the-and-of), 5 carry the name of their hero, 5 are sequels,
6 have religion-inspired titles, 2 have numbers in their titles (sequel with the number 2 are not included).
10 are from the 90s, 9 from the 80s, 8 from the 2000s, 3 from the 70s. The oldest is from 1972, the most recent from 2004.
7 are not in IMDb top 250 (including 3 foreign movies).
The only years with two movies are 80, 86, 94, 97, 99, 2002.
2000 is the big winner with three movies! A sign of the times, maybe?


Adinaf said...

13 Going On 30-- Great Jennifer Garner movie! :-)

Ben said...

Adina, four points. Adina, quatre points.
Baril already had one point. There's one point left to take... And plenty of others when I post again. You just gotta be the fastest.