Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ben Zona, Year One

In the last scene of "Batman Begins", Gordon tells Batman: "I never said thank you". Never mind the fact that he never said please either, the dark knight answers: "And you'll never have to".

This new blog works the same way. It's the vigilante of blogs, always awake when everyone else sleeps, watching over the world of pop culture, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next post will be the post home... Oops, wrong analogy. And no, I don't wear tights - or a cape.

But count on me for being on tops of things, whether it's the latest:
- Jackson family scandal
- Stupid decision by the FCC
- Mariah Carey Album. (note: I won't comment on Fox or Fox News when they air trash. I don't have that much time).

Sure, you never asked for it. But you won't have to thank me either.

Well, that's not exactly true. There's one way for you to thank me, and that's by posting comments, tell me what you think, if you share my ideas, if you disagree, or if you've thought of something so incredibly smart you need to tell me - but be warned, I probably thought it first.

So, what subjects will be discussed here?
Mainly, the world of Media, Film and Television, but also music, books and comic books, anything related to pop culture in general, with the added value of my fresh, french, superior mind (no cause-effect relation between french and superior).

Before I close this first post and let you comment (or, more probably start waiting anxiously for a first comment that won't come for a few weeks), I want to say hi to the one who inspired the creation of this blog with his bi-monthly column in Entertainment Weekly. Hi Stephen.

Alright, your turn.


Ben said...

By the way, Batman Begins is a great movie. I'm just saying.

Van said...

Woohoo, i'm the first one to post a message! Can't wait to read your reviews,

Baril said...

Et on a le droit de poster un commentaire en fran├žais, pour faire enrager les anglophones ?

Adinaf said...

Nice name for your blog! I wonder where you got that from!

Ben said...

Contest: The first person to name the greatest TV series of all time I alluded to in this post will win something.

Baril said...

Quantum Leap. What do I win?

Mitch Buchannon said...

You have win the greatest collection of porn movies dedicated by Jenna jameson ;D

Anonymous said...

They can currently be found under Ben's bed

Ben said...

Baril > Please post in English.
You win a great prize to be determined later.
Adinaf > props to you to help me come up with the name :-)
Mitch > You seem very knowledgeable on the subject...
Anonymous > I know who you are, so be careful!

Georges said...

For the name I suggest: Ben, zonard. Just to remind you of your background in THE ouest-parisien.

mitch buchannon said...

Un utilisateur anonyme -> No, I think that Benjh has hidden his collection in a very secret place, no under his bed, it's too easy to find here :)
That's like when he was searching this kind of movies, he asks to his friends ;D

Kathy said...

My favorite "French Guy" has a blog! :-)