Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Stages

OK, I promised to myself that the re-beginning of my blog would not suffer from the world cup. It's gonna be tough.
Living the world cup in the US is kind of weird. Everyone acknowledges and informs its neighbor that this is the greatest sporting event in the world, yet no-one really cares.

What's missing from the experience is not the broadcasts (each game airs live, either on ESPN or ABC), but the surrounding media frenzy, in magazines, tv shows, and every other part of the entertainment for mass audience world. Here's for my take on this. It won't stop me from watching tons of game, and supporting France (yes, when it comes to soccer, I stand behind my native country).

So, here are a few very short notes on other noticeable events this week.
Tonight on CBS, the TONY awards are given to the best of Broadway. I should probably write much longer sometime about Broadway, this centennial New York institution that regroups the biggest and most expensive stage productions in Manhattan, whether it's a play or a musical, about the thrill of a live act, the relation between money and quality, and about the power of legends like "Les Miserables" or "Cats" which might have no equivalent in film or literature.

Cars, the new Pixar (or Disney-Pixar) opened in theatre. It was their 3rd best opening after The Invicibles and Finding Nemo, but the first time a new Pixar doesn't top a previous one. I'm puzzled as to the marketing campaign John Lasseter and his boys led for Cars, with a very poor preview, which was very little played anyway. Instead, ads for auto-insurer State Farm and Hertz seemed to be leading the charge, which is never a good sign. But it seems that the audience, just like me, would trust Pixar with their - cinematic - life. And for good reasons, when you look at the masterpieces they've created. Toy Story 2 is high, high in my top 30 (or is it 35 now?).

That's all for now. Check back later.

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