Saturday, July 01, 2006


Once again, this is not pop-culture related, but then, the world cup dominates the world's stage, and should invade even the most remote and unread blogs.

Today, France beat Brazil to advance to Semi-final against Portugal Wednesday (the other semi is set to take place Tuesday between Germany and Italy).
Even if you're American and don't care much about soccer, you should know that this win is enormous, Brazil being the absolute favorite to win it all when entering the tournament, and France being deamed an old team (Zidane, arguably the greatest french player ever, is 34 and was tonite absolutely genial).
But this screenshot of a one-way AIM chat with my friend Nico who's back on our beloved Michigan State University campus says it all. To you non-french speaker, the first part reads: "I'm in the international center. It's on a big screen". The second part is self-explanatory.

And as ESPN puts it: "Zidane, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho have won eight of the last 10 FIFA world player of the year awards. Only Zidane displayed those skills Saturday."

My personal predictions: A blow-out of Portugal 3-0 tuesday, then a 1-0 loss to Germany Sunday...
To be continued.

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