Monday, July 31, 2006


No news = good news? I don't know, but while I work at the next post, I'll let you read the latest answer I got on to one of my stupid question (the question doesn't matter, really). The worst might be that I understood half of it :-)

Re: 2500 miles in a middle seat

The best is $110 from BWI to PVD, both Southwest markets, but that is a "TL", not a Y. You can note that it STILL goes VIA EWR, so that is 4 segments at 500 miles a piece, minimum, and 500 for booking online. Do that 3 separate times, or better yet BOOK EACH ONE WAY on separate PNRs, for a separate 500 miles per online booking. .
BWI-IAH full Y is $310, so that is another method: 1235 miles + 150% bonus 618 + 500 EACH WAY on separate records.

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