Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lights of the Studio

I don't have enough time right now to say all the good I think of Aaron Sorkin and his "Studio 60 on the sunset strip". Yesterday's Christmas episode (which was also kind of an anti-Christmas episode), was funny, moving and smart at the same time. The way little things within an episode or season connect is absolutely fantastic. Yesterday was the fall finale, and it is clear that it was written in case the show got canceled. The last line "we do leave here now" would have been a perfect ending, as it reminds us of the pilot's ending itself. When a show manages to come full circle, with that much emotion, so fast, you got a winner. Thank God though, the show's been picked up for a full season. Thank you NBC execs for being smart (a little like Jack and Wilson White in this episode, and their rant against the FCC. I myself am preparing one. Stay tuned, faithful readers... reader... mom).

I will add that the fact Matt Perry and Brad Whitford have completely disappeared behind their characters is a another proof of the quality of the writing, acting, and direction (lost my rhyme, sorry).

But the best part in this episode was the last 4 minutes, with Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews and his band, playing "Holy Night", in a homage to New Orleans (he himself is from New Orleans). I'm no fan of Christmas music, but the arrangement and the playing was so wonderful I would go and buy the piece in a heartbeat if it was available.

You can watch the clip right here (be careful, there are some spoilers as the action continues while the band is playing).

As for Trombone Shorty, his website's right here:


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