Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Top 2006, part I

Hello Children.

Finally, it's time to reveal my top 2006. No, this is not a top ten. This is simple a list of the great movies of 2006. Not the good, not the enjoyable, the great. Those who were way above everything else. And honestly, it was a freaking good year.

No 12: Dave Chapelle's block Party

Everyone know I love ex-boss Michel Gondry, and some that I admire Dave Chapelle greatly. I'm happy to say that during the last few days of my internship with Gondry, in 2004, I sent a Fedex to Dave Chapelle's agent: it was actually the beggining of their collaboration. But anyway, this is an amazing documentary, for several reason. Of course, the music's great, and Dave's hilarious. But above everything, we really see in it who are the regular Americans. The Marching Band from Ohio, the kids from Brooklyn. For me, this is a neighborhood film, the best depiction I've seen on screen of what real people are.

No 11: Casino Royale

The new James Bond is not a James Bond. I could (and have) talk all day about the flaws of Casino Royale as a 007 movie (in two words: this has nothing to do in the franchise, all the requirements for a JB movie are not met). But let's forget about this, and focus on the movie for itself. A great action movie (with a pretty cheap romance), who's real reason for being in this list is Daniel Craig. His charisma and talent here is absolutely fantastic, and redeems everything. I can't wait for the next one, who might just be a real bond flick.

No 10: The descent.

Few people saw this incredible british horror movie. For once, really scary, and dealing with real issues, such as feminism and revenge. And a cast of almost exclusively women! Rent it now, you won't regret it.

No 9: Marie Antoinette.

Please calm down, and let me explain something. A movie can be anything, as long as there is video and music. It doesn't have to be coherent, it doesn't have to tell a story. Joey Starr's latest music video, for example, is a (short) movie in its own right.

So to all the people who complained about Sofia's Copolla's take on Marie Antoinette, I answer: "Who gives a fuck?" She had a vision, she did it. So what if she likes to dress the queen in converse? She does whatever she freaking wants. And I personally love it, precisely because her vision is so original and creative. I totally bought into the story of a young and modern queen, and I think Sofia's direction was brilliant, as was Kirsten Dunst's acting. And the music, of course!!!!

No 8: V For Vendetta

Well, number one: Nathalie Portman.
Number two: the Wachovsky brothers (the ones who made the first Matrix, not the sequels!).
And then: A great realistic take on the future, awesome effects, great thinking. But please, don't tell me this is a not-politically correct movie: in today's world, being anti-government is the norm, not the opposite!
Finally: a gorgeous photography.

No 7: The Departed.
Action movie at its best. A legendary director, fantastic actors, great script. Nothing else to say, just awesome. It lacks only a little bit of depth and real issues to become great (Se7en-like great, I mean).

No 6: The Prestige
I adore movies about Magic, and those with a twist. The Prestige has both, as well as awesome acting. And the best might actually be Michael Caine! Christopher Nolan once again proves he's the best new Hollywood director around. A word about the other "magic" film of the fall: The Illusionist. A good movie, with the awesome Ed Norton, but a weak script. I wasn't impressed at all with the ending.

Stay tuned, and come back for the top 5!!!! Very soon!
And don't forget to comment with your favorite movies, and try to guess the 5 left :-)


Baril said...

I love the way you make it sound like you know something about James Bond movies :-)

Nicolas said...

IMHO Sofia's vision of Marie-Antoinette wasn't that far from the truth. She had M-A have a secret lover, big deal...

The rest is pretty much faithfull to the atmosphere of Versailles and for once we have a positive portrayal of the royal couple... Which is probably the very reason why some hated the movie so much when it got released in France.

Raine said...

Good post.