Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Fever!

YEAH! It's February! My favorite month of the year after whatever month of the summer I go somewhere under the sun..

Why, will you ask? For most people, February means cold temperature and short days.
Well, let's see, first, I love winter. I love snow. We haven't had a good snow storm here in New York yet, and I miss that. Also, I usually get to ski. It might be only for one day this month, but what the hell, skiing is skiing, and God bless !

But more important than that, February is the greatest month for Pop Culture! Let's review our calendar...

- Sunday, February 4th, 6PM: Superbowl XLI

Ok, so I've only been to one football game in my life, in August 2003 at Spartan Stadium, on campus (yeah, I'm a Michigan State University Spartan!), and back then I had no idea what it was about.
As a matter of fact, only last year, the most exciting thing in Superbowl XL was his name (what a marketing dream!), and then the fact that, in "Seattle Supersonics Vs Pittsburgh Steelers, 3 out of 4 initials for the teams are S. That's a 1 out of 17576 odd, fellows!

But this year, I just can't wait to see if the Colts will beat the Bears, as I hope they will! Is Peyton Manning finally gonna achieve what we was born for? I tell you people, this is so exciting! I'm not even kidding!

And of course, let's not forget the commercials. Whether they're stupid, fun, gross or simply Microsoft commercials, there's something to think about. And what other day of the year can you wait 2 hours for Domino's Pizza to deliver! (this year, I think I will try Joe's pizza. Because "Joe's Pizza 31 minute delivery is a promise, man!").

- Wednesday, February 7th

LOST returns for only new episodes! Lots of people don't like this third season, but I love it! Cf post a few weeks ago (give me the URL and I'll link it!).

-Thursday, February 8th: Survivor: Fiji, premieres!

Yes, I adore Survivor, the smartest reality show ever. Last season was amazing, I'm still in awe of mastermind and godfather Yul. Another 4 months of excitement. Yoohoo!!!

- Friday, February 16th to Monday, February 19th: I'll be in Savannah, Georgia. You don't care? Fine! (But still, my first time in the South, it's a big deal!).

- February Sweeps!

For those of you who still think TV programming is not an art, and certainly not a science, well... you don't have anything to do here. But let me explain anyway. Every February, all shows are all new, all month long! That's called a sweep folks. It also happens in November and May, but the great thing about February is that Network are sure it only means 4 shows, not 5. That's what 28 days do for you.
So, 4 new episodes of Heroes, Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights and Studio 60! And that's only for the new shows!

24 is back and better than ever, American Idol is in its first and fun stages, and ER in full drama mode: unfortunately, Laura Inness a.k.a. Kerry Weaver is gone. But she will still direct, and that's great cause she's awesome at it.

- Sunday, February 25th: 79th Academy Awards!

Yes yes yes, I've already talked about that, and I'm not about to shut up. Sure, we all know who's gonna win most races, but for me, the Oscars are also the Broadcast. I'm not talking about big stars walking the red carpet, I'm talking about how the host will do (this year it's fantastic Ellen De Generes), who's gonna be spoofed in the opening monologue, whose speech is gonna be fun (let's hope Borat gets one for Adapted Screenplay), who's gonna cry.
And mostly, is Forest Whitaker finally gonna be able to say something when he gets his Best Actor Oscar?
One race still up for grabs: I thought "The Departed" was a sure bet for best picture, but could "Little Miss Sunshine" pull the upset and "Crash" the party, as they did at the Screen Actors Guild last week-end? Yeah, even more exciting!

Do you know where my "Joe's Pizza" quote is from? Did I forget something? What are you looking forward to in February dear reader? And what is your favorite month of the year. Tell me!


Van said...

Yay for Lost and Survivor! I actually didnt know that there was alredy a new Survivor coming up so thanks for the info!

Here, February definitely means cold, brutal, arctic cold... yuck! And don't tell me you liked this weekend's weather!

Was great to see you in NYC and I hope we can organize that little reunion in Chi-town or Lansing when it warms up a bit.


Terpent said...

Well considering the temperature has been around 15°C during the last two weeks I wouldn't say February is a cold mounth any more, at least not in France ... March is there for this now.
Otherwise to go over your points one by one:
- they still don't know how to show the superball on French TV, as we don't have that many commercials and anyhow they're not the american ones but some cheaply paid ones (middle on the night).
- I have to agree the 3d season of LOST is better than the 2d one, and it's great being able to watch these as soon as they come out in the US (long live the mule!).
- Survivor I don't watch (yet), but might have a look on the old American ones. However, I also love the show.
- Friday, February 16th to Monday, February 19th, great for you, I just went to Paris (always a good thing to say in an English written website :)).
- More series!!! I'm already watching Heroes and Studio 60, is there anything else you'd suggest? I must say I'll have to see more of Dirt to have a final point of view on the show.
- Academy awards? Impossible to watch for free in here, just a shame (damned Canal+)
- Joe's Pizza??? Any Friends reference??? Not that easy to guess.

It was nice finding back your website even unintentionnally.