Sunday, August 19, 2007


I was reading the new blog of an old friend this morning. He just arrived in Philly from France. And it made me think about my own arrival, 4 years ago (see post below - and the link section and the right for a permanent link to Raph's blog).

Back then, it took me 5 months to create a blog (it took him a week, which proves the blogosphere has come a long way). Anyway, here's a link to my first day of posting (5 posts in a few hours! Unbelievable! Oh yeah, and it was in Franch, back then!). It's very nostalgic indeed. Keep reading and you'll find stuff about the 2004 Bush-Kerry elections and more. And a lot of reading about Middle-eastern politics, especially in the comments. Haaa, that was the time...

While I'm here, I also created a website, back then, to incite my fellow students from INT to follow the same program I did, DMAT. That one a little more pro (thanks, Baril).

Ok maybe I'll post something original soon. In the meantime, comment G-D damned!


Vanessa said...

Ahah c toujours marrant de lire les blogs des nouvo. Ya cinq ans, javais aussi les memes reactions. Now c en France que ca m'enerve quand y'a pas un tas de glacons dans mon verre d'eau!

AndrewJohnson said...
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