Monday, July 21, 2008

Janet Jackson's right boob, brought to you free of charge by CBS

Some good news, courtesy of the good folks at
A court decision has thrown out the $550.000 fine that was imposed on CBS for broadcasting the famous 2004 super bowl incident.

Good, you all know how pissed I am when I hear how much people feel insulted by the sight of a woman's nipple, but can watch murders, rapes, and other crimes in prime time without being so much as tingled.

The best part in this ruling? 'The court said the FCC acted "arbitrarily and capriciously" when they handed out the fine.'

Well that's just swell, ain't it? Our governing bodies' judgments are now officially "arbitrary and capricious". When we'll realize it's not only the FCC (that handles "only" media things), but also the FEMA, the government, congress, etc. - then maybe we'll get somewhere: the lowest point in US history, and then the only way is up.


Joseph said...

Nipple, Sex & Violence in the labels!
Is it a way to attract more people?

le libraire se cache said...

sinon oui bien vu, suis effectivement bilingue (mère canadienne anglophone, pas mal de temps passé aux etats-unis)

mais chuuuuuut c'est un secret

Anonymous said...

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