Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Cell

Earlier today, as I was writing (typing? pushing? dialing?) a text message, I pushed 1 three times, hoping my cell's smart system would recognize :-) Instead, :-( appeared on my screen.

It's official, Either T-Mobile or Motorola wants its user to feel depressed. Why? Maybe cause depressed people talk more, calling all their friends to tell them about what's gone wrong. Or don't go out, therefore interact more with a phone than anything else.
T-Mobile, also the smart carrier that ends every ad with their jingle, which is also most of its users' ring. How many of us check our cell every time the ad airs on the TV we left open in the background? Thank God for Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Anyway, with Jan Ullrich once again the center of the T-Mobile Tour de France team, depression will be once again on the menu in July. Along with drugs, amphetamines and all kinds of doping products.

That's it for today. My mood, therefore my frequency of writing in the next few days, entirely depends on France winning its game against Togo tomorrow. Write me down for 3-0.

PS: Interestingly enough, the spell checker recognizes words like Motorola and Zeta-Jones, but not Ullrich.


Van said...

You got me there. Today again i checked my phone looking for a text message that came from... the commercial!

Wooohooo Go Blue!!!!

Jonh Neo said...

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Ben said...

Update, a little late, Ulrich was disqualified from the Tour de France before it even started.
And the winner, the american Floyd Landis, might lose its title soon.
Very sad for Cycling :-(