Thursday, August 03, 2006

Harry, Carrie & Garp

I'm coming back from a reading by Stephen King, JK Rowling and John Irving, at Radio City Music Hall, which was absolutely fantastic. I actually did it twice: yesterday and today. Where also present, as guest stars, Whoopy Goldberg, Kathy Bates, Tim Robbins & John Stewart.
A few pics for now, and a video of Stephen King reading.
Maybe more later...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, thank you for the Stephen King video, that was great!

I'll dare to ask you a question regarding the Q & A session during the second night. Do you remember what did Salman Rushdie say?
There are two 'versions' out there: 1) Some people say JKR's answered "Your opinion is right" to Rushdie's "We think Snape is good."
2) Others claim that her answer correspond to Rushdie's "...Everything follows from it." (Meaning that Snape's true colors would play an important part in the plot of the last book)

You were there, what is your opinion? (If you like to share it, of course!)


Anonymous said...

The pictures are awesome too!

(Silly me, forgot to mention it)

Thanks again!


Ben said...

Hi Nahima, thanks for posting!
I remember the whole thing very well (I was seated so close I was actually closer than Rushdie when he asked his question. I turned around to look at him when I heard his name, I was so surprised!).
Well she did say only "Your opinion is right", now that's our guess what she means.
I'm convinced she means 2), i.e. your thought process is correct, A leads to B, assuming A is right.
What Rushdie said was unfortunatly impossible to understand. Something like "If Snape is good, then it's possible Dumbledore is not dead". The "possible" is very important, if it was there, if "Snape is good IMPLIES Dumbledore is not dead" then the death of dumbledore (which she confirmed) would IMPLY snape is bad. But that's not the case.

I know, confusing :-)

Ben said...

By the way, how did you find my blog, and where is "out there"?

Anonymous said...

Wow Ben, what an amazing experience you had! I'm glad for you and all the people there!

It's so delightfully weird to read Salman Rushdie has been pondering the same theories and/or doubts about Snape just like anybody else does. Wicked!

MSN videos has a recording of the night up in their website, here is the address if you want to see it.

Well, the final part of the exchange between Rushdie and Rowling is confusing indeed!
As you said, it's up to us to guess about its meaning.

What a task...

Especially hard for me, english is not my mother tongue.
Believe it would be less troublesome to wait for the last book. *heavy sigh*

I found your blog through YouTube, you put the address along with your video and since I was searching for clues I decided to take a look and you know the rest. LOL!

Oh and "out there" is actually everywhere in the internet I've read about this whole thing: blogs, news sources, forums... you name it! ;-)

Thank you so much for your answer, it was very kind of you!


jul said...

Hey Benjh.
Yeah it's kind from you to give informations but the problem is still unsolved : is Snape bad ? My opinion is that Snape obeys Dumbledore orders, but who knows ?
Anyway, I'm glad to have news through your blog and happy to see you're a new movie star (in imdb).