Thursday, August 17, 2006

A taste of luxury...

I knew there was another world, a world of fancy hotels, first class flights and little paper umbrellas in a glass of Tequilla sunrise. But I did not imagine what I'm experiencing now in my wildest dreams (ok, maybe in the wildest).

I'm today leaving NY for TLV (that's Tel Aviv for you non-flyer people), and flying Continental, of course, the airline I'm a frequent flyer of. Thanks to the guys at I heard about a promotion where you could get a pass to enter the President's Club.

I'm sure you've heard of this, it's the kind of lounge where business and other kind of elite passengers can relax while waiting for their flights. Well, believe me, if this is not relaxation, I don't know what is. Leather chairs, TV room with stadium seating, showers and lockers, etc, etc.

I'm seating there now, and I can barely believe my eyes. But they say a picture is better than a thousand words, so here are 3 pictures, which are better than 3 thousand words (duh!).

By the way, pics taken with my new, awesome, Nikon D70s: a pro camera that's also, I gotta say, kinda luxurious :-)

Oops, did I mention the open bar? Vodka, Wine, Schnapps, Diet coke, whatever you want. A dollar tip is appreciated, but not required.

That would be where I'm seated right now. I finished my diet coke, I might try a screwdriver next (that's a Vodka-Orange for you frenchies).

The pompom, the showers. I know, crazy.
Next on the luxury list, I'm flying first class on my way back, the 27th (free upgrade, thanks continental!).

Wish me happy vacations!

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