Thursday, December 21, 2006

How low can you get?

I'm not sure if you followed that story, but a few days ago, it was announced that Miss USA, a very pretty 21 year old, would keep her crown. She had been spotted in bars, drinking when she was only 20, which is forbidden in the USA (as a reminder for our foreign readers).
Well, it turns out Donald Trump owns the "Miss USA" beauty pageant, and he declared she deserved a second chance. The following day, on the view, Rosie O'Donnell expressed her thoughts about the whole situation. The Donald didn't wait and lashed back at her on "Entertainment Tonight".

You can watch their argument right here.

As for me, my two cents are as followed: both Rosie and Trump are media whores, desperate for attention. It's always been true of Donald Trump, who had the chance to see a great reality series land on his lap ("The Apprentice"). And ever since she got on the view about 2 months ago, Rosie's only purpose has been to go on very quotable rampages against so and so. BUT, she's always said what she thinks, and I've agreed with her most of the time. She stays respectful while usually defending good values.

You need only to watch this once, though, to realize how disgusting and vile is Donald Trump. The only good thing to come out of this story is that Miss USA's face is now all over. Including here :)


vich said...

I'm falling in love !!!

Ben said...

Haha, so that's what you need?

Baril said...

My two cents: girls this hot deserve as many second chances as they need!

Nicolas said...

She just look like many of my students... :-p