Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They (and I) Saw the light

That's it, the nominations are in. A few notes - stuff you won't read anywhere else (coz who cares Meryl Streep is in for the 14th time?).

- I did pretty well yesterday, with 13 out 15 correct! Including 5 out of 5 in Best Actress (getting Penelope Cruz in there, which wasn't a sure bet).

- I could not have predicted Dreamgirls out of the Best Picture category. It's utterly stupid as it's leading the nominations with 18 nods, including 3 in Best Song.

- Speaking of which, this is gonna be a nightmare for the producers of the show and ABC. The 5 song acts are always a welcome relief in such a long award show, but here 3 of them are from the same pic, with more or less same performers. What will they do? And will we see Eddie Murphy perform "Patience"?

- Sacha Baron Cohem is out of the Best Actor category. That's too bad, it was such an amazing and impressive act! Even though I'm not Borat (the movie) biggest fan, I'm definitely Borat's (the character). Instead, Will Smith is in. Oh well, maybe I should see his movie :-)

- A snub: Children Of Men. Yes, it got 4 nods, but mainly technical categories. I'm happy it's in for cinematography - but it should also for Best Picture and Best Director.

- Who else agrees that the Supporting Actor and actress category are getting more interesting that the leading ones? Abigail Breslin (the girl in little miss sunshine) nominated, how awesome? For once, here's a kid who deserves it. Jennifer Hudson is a sure win, but still.

- In the supporting actor category: Eddie Murphy, wow! First time in 25 years of career. And Jackie Earle Haley, the pedophile from Little Children, was amazing. As for Djimon Hounsou, even though I absolutely love him since Amistad and his stint as Mobalaje Ekabo in ER (isn't that the best name ever?). I'm not sure he deserved it this time though, in a very quiet role.

- Whole in whole, I think the Academy did a great job of noticing "small" and independent actors (Ryan Gosling comes to mind too). However, I see one, big, huge, mistake:

- I'm disgusted "The Fountain" was snubbed everywhere. Without a doubt the best film this year (if not of the decade). Hugh Jackman's performance was on par with Forest Withaker's, and who even doubts that Clint Mansell's score was a masterpiece? Add to it Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Art direction, Screenplay.
Is that really the fate of every alternative movie? Will great directors like Darren Aronofsky always share their vision with only a few? Well for what it's worth, I'm happy to be among them.

Here's my proposition:

- Let's create a new category, "Cinematographic Vision". Can compete in the category any filmmaker, crew member or film itself that distinguishes itself from every thing that exists already. Whether it's an experimental film and vision (Darren Aronofsky and The Fountain), a piece of acting out of the ordinary (the mayan cast in "apocalypto") or another example I can't find. Oh, just give an Oscar to "The Fountain" already!


Ben said...

Ok, I don't have time to get pictures and post them, so if you have any interesting, send them to me ;-)

Nicolas said...

13/15, not bad at all... Nice score!

Ben said...

Thanks, but that was an easy year! If you pay attention to the gossip, of course :-)

Nicolas said...

... if you pay attention to gossip :p

Nicolas said...

BTW today was the State of the Nation, and I got 3 "nucular" out of 3 :-p

Vanessa said...

Good job!

I'm just saying, let's organize a W. Bush vs Segolene debate... that would just be hilarious

Baril said...

Wow, 6 comments already! What's happening here? I don't even feel obliged to post something...

Anyway, here's my proposition: let's create a new category, "Best Actor Who Should Have Been Cast As James Bond", and let's give Jackman this Oscar already!
Erm, sorry. I can't help bringing that up whenever you mention Hugh.